Saturday, 14 September 2013

Twins Christening on a Budget!

After the horribly difficult and upsetting two weeks it is now time for me to focus on something positive. Something to be happy about and to celebrate as a family.
The twins christening!!!
I am now starting to feel excited and daunted about their special day. We put off their christening for various reasons.
I do have my beliefs and have a strong faith. However I do not practice my faith, I do not regularly attend church or regularly pray but I do believe there is a god watching over us and I do believe that there is a place for us when we leave this world. I get comfort from my beliefs. However hubby hasn't been too sure about it. Another influencing factor was the village school that the twins will go to. It has very strong links with the village church and they do regular community services. Also Joseph was christened when he was a baby and both me and hubby are christened so I didn't want the twins to not be.
After quite a bit of persuasion hubby agreed for us to arrange a christening and made me a very happy mummy and wife.
Before the summer holidays I arranged a date, 13th October. We have chose who will be the twins God parents and that's about as far as we have got! At the time it felt like we had a long time to arrange everything. Then all of our priorities changed. Grandads health deteriorated and I completely forgot about the christening.
Now that we have laid my grandad to rest it is nice to have something positive to focus on.
Now I can start to plan!
We are holding the christening on a tight budget. We cannot afford to take everyone out for a fancy meal afterwards so we are going to try and cater for it ourselves to keep the cost down. I have looked at invitations when I have been out but, surprisingly not, I have not seen any twin christening invitations. To buy these, as all twin items, they are more expensive. So to save a bit more money I am going to design an invitation so it will be exactly what we want. This is the first job that I need to get cracking on with. The christening is in 4 weeks!
My jobs after the invitations have been sent will be to find outfits for all 3 children, decided what food to serve, decided on what cake to have and what puddings to serve!!!
Luckily I won't have to do it all my own, Im sure that hubby, my mum and mother in law will be there to help as much as they can.
I do know that we have got a lot to do over the following 4 weeks but we will make it a lovely day for our families.


  1. I hope you have a lovely special day for your babies. Christenings don't have to be expensive x

  2. Have a fabulous day for your LOs! Baffles me why people go overboard and spend a small fortune on something that's really meant to be such a simple and sweet occasion. Thanks for linking up to #MMWBH xx


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