Monday, 16 September 2013

Sudocrem Care & Protect Cream Review

We were recently asked to test out Sudocrem's new Care & Protect nappy cream.
I jumped at the chance to! As the twins are both teething they are extremely prone to getting sore little bottoms. That is one of the first signs that new teeth are on their way.
We normally use the traditional Sudocrem cream that come by the tub. It is so thick but it works wonders. I have tried other nappy creams and have always gone back to Sudocrem so I was more than curious to see whether Sudocrem could improve any more!
The Care & Protect cream comes in a handy little tube that is ideal to put in the bag for when we go out. It has an easy to open lid which is great for when I am trying to juggle a nappy change with the other twin trying to climb over us and grab anything that they can. The small size is great for hiding away to stop little hands getting hold of it. Isabella has got into the tub of Sudocrem in the past and has got cream everywhere. This lid is not as easy for them to open!
This cream, unlike the traditional Sudocrem, is a light cream that rubs in easily and a little goes a long way.
I normally use nappy cream as and when needed. However with the Care & Protect I have been applying after each nappy change to not only provide an invisible barrier but to also prevent any soreness.
I am delighted to say that even with teeth coming neither of the twins have had any sore bums! This means that they are both happier during nappy changes which means that nappy changes are a little bit easier.
So what makes this cream different for others?
Sudocrem Care & Protect works in three ways to help care and protect for babies delicate skin.
  • Sudocrem Care & Protect has a protective barrier that seals in the skins natural moisture. This results in babies skin feeling left soft, smooth and supple. This is the barrier which protects against irritants and rubbing which causes nappy rash.

  • Sudocrem Care & Protect conditions skin. Sudocrem Care & Protect is hypoallergenic and contains special ingredients including Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5. These "special" ingredients help to not only protect the skin but also keep it in healthy condition.

  •  Sudocrem Care & Protect guards against infection by creating a protective barrier which guards against infection.
We will definitely be changing from the traditional Sudocrem to Sudocrem Care & Protect from now on. This cream has prevented any sore bottoms for the twins during a time when they get the most. So because of that we give it our thumbs up!

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Disclaimer: We received a tube of Sudocrem Care & Protect to test. No payment was received. My views in this post are my own honest opinions. Sudocrem have had no influence on this post.

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