Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ariel 3in1 Pods - Review

I have recently received a box of the new Ariel 3in1 pods to test and review.
I am constantly amazed by the amount of washing 5 people can make, particularly the amount that the kids make. In our house washing,drying and ironing is a full time job. So when I got the opportunity to sign up for Ariel 3in1 pods I jumped at the chance as I knew our washing would certainly put them to the test!

As soon as our starter kit arrived the first load of washing using Ariel 3in1 was on!
The pods are so easy to use. You simply place one in with your washing. There is no measuring and no spilling! I try to to the majority of our washing at 30 degrees to save energy so I delighted to see that Ariel 3in1 pods could be used at low temperatures.

Once the load was finished the first thing that I noticed was the lovely fresh fragrance that hung in the air. As I was pegging out the washing I was pleased to see that it had all come out lovely and clean. There were no lingering stains in sight!
Once the washing was dried I noticed that the fragrance was still noticeable on the clothes whereas normally I find that after the clothes have been outside the fragrance does tend to go. However with Ariel 3in1 the fragrance really goes grip onto the clothes. Even after the clothes have been in a drawer for a couple of days the scent is still there!
The next challenge I had for Ariel 3in1 was towels! I wanted to see how Ariel 3in1 would do without adding fabric softener. I was amazed to feel how soft the towels came out with just Ariel 3in1. If anything they came out just as soft as they normally do when I use the liquid detergent and fabric softener! There's an added bonus, Ariel 3in1 will can also save money!

Now for the product information!
The Ariel 3in1 pod has 3 sections, a white section, a blue section and a green section.
The white section lifts the stains off your clothes! It has a unique cocktail of 6 enzymes which are designed to combat your everyday stains!
The blue sections brightens your clothes! Thanks to the revolutionary three compartments, meaningful combinations of the right ingredients are released at just the right time to give you outstanding brightness!
The green section cleans your clothes! A super compact detergent with new cleaning active boosters which help the detergent get to the dirt quicker!
My overall opinion is that the Ariel 3in1 pods are a great laundry product that we, as a family, will be sticking with. There are also Ariel 3in1 Colour and Style pods and Ariel 3in1 pods with Febreze available which I am curious to try! So for once I am happy to say
"Bring on the washing!"
Disclaimer: I received a box of Ariel 3in1 pods as I am part of the Savvy Circle run by Super Savvy Me http://www.supersavvyme.co.uk/ The opinions in this post are all my own.
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