Friday, 23 August 2013

Walkers Mighty Lights


Crisps certainly are my weakness, so I was over the moon to be asked to taste and write about the new Walkers Might Lights crisps.
I was even more pleased to try them when I saw that Walkers Mighty Lights contain 30% less fat. Would these crisps be the same as other low fat, diet crisps that are on the market?
Would they be healthier but no where near as tasty?
I would certainly be happy to give them a taste and put them to the test with my families help.
There are three flavours available:
  • Lightly Salted
  • Cheese and Onion
  • Chicken
We had all three to try and this is how we got on:

Lightly Salted

These "plain" crisps are all but plain! The first thing that we all noticed when we tried this flavour was that they were not your average, run of the mill, salted crisps. These had an added flavour that I could not pin point. In the end I gave up and looked on the packet at the ingredients and found that in the seasoning they had also included some spices and herbs. With many plain salted crisps I feel that there is often too much salt used. I was pleasantly surprised that these crisps were different.
When I asked Joseph what he had thought he said that he preferred these to other plain, salted crisps as they "had a better flavour". The plain crisps are normally the last to be eaten in our house, I have a feeling that with these crisps that won't be the case.


I sent a packet of the Chicken Mighty Lights in my hubby's packed lunch for work. When I quizzed him about what he had thought of them he told me that he could not taste any difference between the Mighty Lights and regular crisps. The Mighty Lights, unlike other low fat diet crisps, do not compromise on the flavour. They offer a healthy alternative, they are low fat but remain high in flavour!

Cheese & Onion

I was pleased to have the "taster" excuse and had some of the Cheese and Onion crisps at lunch time. As with the Chicken flavour, these crisps were just as flavoursome as regular crisps. Walkers Mighty Lights Cheese and Onion have kept the tangy cheese flavour that we all love with the bite of onion that makes them unmistakably Walkers crisps.

The only negative that we have got with the flavours is that there aren't any Salt and Vinegar Mighty Lights. Please, Walkers, do some Salt and Vinegar Mighty Lights!

We all know that saturated fats are the "bad" fats and that they are present in so many of the snacks that our children love.
So what better way to let them have their snacks without the guilt?
Include Walkers Mighty Light in their lunch box
With 30% less saturated fat than regular crisps, they are made from real potatoes with no artificial colours or preservatives and no MSG (Monosodium Glutamate).

They are not only a better, healthier alternative for children but for parents too!
We have other regular crisps in the house but ever since the Walkers Mighty Lights have arrived whenever Joseph has gone for a packet of crisps he always returns with Mighty Lights!
From now on we will be enjoying Mighty Lights in both lunch boxes and at home as a snack!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We received packets of all three flavours. Walkers have had no influence on my post and all of the opinions are my own and of my family.

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