Friday, 16 August 2013

The Weekend Arrives Early

The weekend has arrived early in our house!
Hubby has got a couple of days off so we have got an extra long weekend together. We have got a busy couple of days coming up.
Today we are mixing a couple if jobs in with a family day.
We are going to be spending quite a bit if the day with my nanna and grandad. I am keeping up with the promise I made to myself when we found out about my grandads cancer. I am really enjoying seeing them both more and I can tell the children are too. Grandad has got another appointment next week so it'll be good to see him before we know any more. Its going to be a relaxing day too. They are taking us all out for a late lunch so I won't need to cook later so that means no clearing up! Then me and hubby can start our weekly date night early!
Thankfully today my new glasses arrive which I am looking forward to. It was only after it was pointed out how bad my eye sight is that I've noticed. So clear vision here we come and hopefully the headaches will go too.
The day has started well, thanks to hubby getting up with the twins and letting me have a lie in. I've got a feeling today is going to be a good day!

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