Sunday, 11 August 2013

Spoiling the Kiddies to Stress in the Car Park

Hubby likes to say that it is my fault that the children got treats yesterday.
But if he is honest, Taylor melted his heart!
Of course if we buy for one that ends up in buying for three!
Yesterday we decided to go out to our local retail park. Hubby is making a lot of changes in our garden and wanted to look for some screening. As soon as we got there Joseph wanted to use the toilet so I suggested going into the toy shop so that he could use theirs. I thought we'd have a quick walk round, look at a few toys, get ideas for Joseph's birthday and Christmas. What we were not expecting was Taylor's reaction to seeing a Thomas the Tank toy. As soon as he saw the toy that hubby was showing him, his face lit up and he grabbed it saying
"ta, ta"
"choo choo, choo choo"
He did not want to let it go!
We have recently noticed that Taylor is trying to say more and more. So as soon as we heard choo choo we were so proud. The more he said it the more proud we felt and we knew that this would be a toy that he would love. We cannot just buy for one so we told Joseph that he could pick something too. After picking up various toys he eventually settled with a Skylander Giant that he is missing from his collection. Unfortunately all of the toys that we knew Isabella would like were more than we really wanted to spend. So we decided to go to the supermarket to have a look.
When we go we normally park in the parent and child parking spaces as they usually keep the twin trolleys there and getting three children out of the car we need the additional space. When we drove in there were was someone leaving one of the spaces but there was a man in his 50's waiting for the space. Yes he had, what looked to be, his child with him. However his child looked to be about 17 years old! I don't think he quite got the concept of parent and child parking! So I didn't hide the fact that I wasn't happy. He saw me looking and tried to say that his child was in the store. I did later see him inside and yes he was still without a small child. We got parked up, in a regular parking space, and walked over to get a trolley. When we got the where the twin trolleys are kept we were shocked to see that there were plenty of single seat trolleys but no twin ones. The hunt began! We went back to the other end of the store to see if any had been left there, yet again, plenty of single seat ones. Hubby went off to search the car park for a trolley. If I was on my own I would have left without doing my shopping, all because there were no trolleys that could accommodate my children. Surely the majority of family shoppers have more than one child. Or are there only a few families that actually take their children shopping with them? I felt quite discriminated against. Luckily hubby found one in the car park. While I saw waiting for hubby to return I saw 2 ladies walking to their car with a trolley full of alcohol. Where was their car parked? Yes, you've guessed it, in the parent and child space. As they were filling their boot I was shaking my head at the trolley situation when I heard
"what are you shaking your head at?"
So I look and yes she was talking to me, so I snapped back
"what is your problem? I was not shaking my head at you!"
What I really wanted to say was
"I wasn't shaking my head at you but come to think of it I should be shaking my head at you! That's a parent and child space, where your child? Do you realise how hard it is with more than one child? No, you're just too lazy to park further away, inconsiderate people like you drive so many parents mad"
That's the nice way I would have put it! But I didn't lower myself to their level but she obviously had a guilt complex and knew that she was in the wrong.
As we couldn't find a toy for Isabella we settled on some Minnie Mouse clothes, which she was over the moon with and kept shouting
"Minnie, Minnie!"
Even though we had the stress in the car park and spent way more than we had planned it is all worth it when we see our three children enjoying their treats!

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