Saturday, 31 August 2013

Proud Twin Mummy Moment

To many this will not seem like a big deal, but other twin parents will get why I feel so proud!
I managed to get both babies to sleep in their cots last night!
Since we started to put the twins to sleep without cuddles hubby has been getting them settled one at a time. But last night I put Taylor into his cot before Isabella was asleep. They both share a bedroom so they need to be able to get to sleep together. I wasn't sure how Taylor would settle for me as he is used to my cuddles to get to sleep. Luckily Taylor usually starts on his left side which means he is facing the wall. So I said good night, laid him down and waited for him to stand back up and shout to be picked up.
But he didn't.
He just laid there. He did look for me once, so I sat next to his cot and put my arm through the bars and placed my hand on his back so he knew that I was close. He swung his arm behind his back and rested it on my hand and went to sleep! After a few minutes I gradually took my hand off his back and out of the cot!
I had done it, Taylor had done it! He had got to sleep on his own, with no cuddles!!
Isabella on the other hand was still awake for her daddy so hubby left the room for me to have a go. She did stand up a couple of times but I didn't give in. I just laid her back down and put my hand on her like I did with Taylor. Unlike Taylor, Isabella kept looking for me, so I kept looking down trying not to make eye contact. If you make eye contact with Isabella she will launch into a conversation with you! Her little voice is so cute I wouldn't be able to ignore her so I kept looking away. It did take longer, but in the end, she too was fast asleep!
I do not know if it is a coincidence but the last two nights that Taylor has settled himself to sleep he has slept right through. Same with Isabella, she has always been a good little sleeper though.
I do feel that we have accomplished something by getting the twins to settle themselves. I was dreading breaking the settling with cuddles habit as I thought it would be harder than it has been. I am sure that we will have hard nights to come but for now I will enjoy a good, full nights sleep!

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