Saturday, 10 August 2013

Parenting Forums

I have visited a few parenting forums in the past.
I have replied to a few questions that have been posted.
But I have never posted a question.
I have always either muddled through or have seen a similar sort of question asked by someone else. I am not very good at asking for help, I never have been. It not that I am too proud, its more that I don't like to bother people with my problems or admit I could do with a little help or advice.
At the moment I do not need help but a little bit of advice would be nice. Also a bit of understanding would also be good.
I have posted before about the twins climbing. It feels like we are constantly saying:
"get down"
"stop climbing"
But how do we stop this?
We have been telling them no and putting them onto the floor, but it is becoming a game for them. They giggle then go and do it again! Isabella is developing a defiant streak, we shouldn't be surprised, both me and hubby are stubborn, but as we are telling her no, she is staring straight at us with a look as if to say
"what are you going to do?"
I really cannot remember Joseph climbing as much as they do but of course there was only one Joseph. Now we have two climbing toddlers!
I feel as a mum of twins it is often hard to get advice. The majority of sites that I have been on do not cater for twins and multiples. Also the majority of health visitors do not have the knowledge to help with "multiple" problems.
So I am considering posting on a parenting forum.
It would be nice to hear how other "multiple" families have coped. New parents of multiples always ask "does it get easier?" in some ways yes it does but in other ways no it doesn't. It just changes and you have new challenges!
I have recently joined a new parent forum that has been set up by the people that brought`us the fantastic Gumigem (which I am a huge fan of) called Kiddieclinic  ( )
I feel quite different about this forum as it is new and it feels more personal. To my delight and surprise there is a section for "multiples" as well as forums specifically for different age groups all the way from anti-natal through to terrible teens, special needs and multiples. If the multiples section wasn't included this probably would have been a forum that I'd look at and then forget. For me, it has it all covered, I can look at forums that are relevant for Joseph's age and on the same site, read posts that may relate to the twins! It will be good to "chat" to other mums of twins who will no doubt understand how life is when you are running around after two curious toddlers but also be there to offer support to new mums of twins. Believe me it is a daunting experience and just speaking to someone who knows what it is like makes all the difference.
I know that it will get easier as the twins get older and have more of an understanding but I am not under the misconception that it will ever be stress free, with any children 1, 2, 3 or even 8 there is going to be stresses and worries. As they come, as parents, we learn to adapt and we cope. At the end of the day all of the changes are just our children developing and growing as people.

Disclaimer: Kiddieclinic have had no influence on my post and I have not received any payment for this post. This is just my honest opinion and thoughts.


  1. hey there, i love reading your blog, are you on bloglovin' by any chance? i'd love to follow you!

    also, being only 20 with no children i can't really help with your question but i would say always reach out for help when you need it, you wont be the only one struggling!

    finally, have you checked out the website, they have some really great activities and ideas on there for children and they also have this great way of parenting. i have nothing to do with the site but i studied childcare for 5 years and found their ideas fantastic when planning activities, maybe it's something to look at?

    let me know if you do check it out! i'd love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Hi, Im really pleased that you enjoy reading my blog :-) thank you! I definitely will check out the web site it sounds good and some different activities would really take their minds of climbing......... I hope! I'll keep you up to date. Im not on Bloglovin' but I'll look into it, as I am still new to blogging I am still finding out new ways to connect.

    1. Bloglovin is one of the simplest ways I find and it is how I follow ALL of the blogs I ready so definitely look into it!

      The best thing I have found from that website is water beads! They are a great sensory activity and I bet even your oldest will get involved with playing with them if you happen to purchase some. I bought mine from ebay and they were only about £1. I have to say, even I enjoyed playing with them (they're supposed to be for flowers). I gave some to my neice a couple of weeks ago and she loved them, she's 6 :)


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