Thursday, 29 August 2013

My Babies Are Growing Too Fast

I am coming to the realisation that my babies are not babies anymore!
They are growing and developing at such a rate.
They are growing too quick.
Since the twins arrived home we have always given them their bedtime bottle and cuddled them to sleep. I am not a fan of self soothing, I know other people who it has worked for, but it is not for me.
I did the same with Joseph and cuddled him to sleep and co-slept with Joseph until he was nearly 3. But at that time it was just the two of us.
I have always loved our bedtime routine, I have always enjoyed the quality time that we have. But I also know, deep down, that we need to move on at some point.
I wasn't expecting it just yet!
A couple of nights ago, Isabella was so hot she would not settle with hubby so he decided to see how she would settle in her cot. I will admit that I didn't think that it would work. But to my amazement, she settled.
The next night she was more awake and it took longer. But my hubby was patient and didn't relent. After a couple of moans from Isabella she went to sleep! I am so proud of her, she has done so well! But Taylor, who always goes to sleep with me, would be harder!
Hubby disagreed with me so last night I let him try.
If I am honest I thought that he would cry for me and wouldn't settle. It pains me to say that I was wrong!
Hubby got him settled without me!
I feel as if the cord has been cut a little bit more. My boy doesn't need my cuddles to go to sleep. I am so proud of him but I also look at all three of them and think
"please slow down growing, stay small"
But I know that I must let all three of them grow and flourish. It is my job to nurture, protect and guide them.
Letting go and allowing them the room to grow is hard but in order to be a "good" mum to them I will do this.
I will just make sure that we have a couple more cuddles in the day.
When they let me that is!

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