Monday, 19 August 2013

Mummy Failure

Oh dear, I have had a mummy failure today which resulted in Joseph having yet another late night and having treats!
Hubby had today at home with us and we had planned to go to our local park and house which we have an annual pass for. This was planned last week so Joseph had been looking forward to our trip out.
All we got from Joseph this morning was
"When are we going?"
"Are we going yet?"
But both me and hubby wanted to catch up with a few jobs so our trip out was going to be after lunch.
Sometimes I feel that I am trying to remember so many things my mind goes into overdrive, particularly when we are going out, I start to forget the silliest things. Or in today's case, the one thing that we actually needed!
As we were on our way going into the next village we had to turn back as I realised that I had not brought my purse. If was then that Joseph said
"Have you got the card mum?"
I went on to tell him
"It's in my purse, we're going back for it"
We got home, hubby ran in, got my purse and we were off again.
It wasn't until we got the the entrance and I asked hubby for the card we realised it wasn't actually in my purse.
Oh no, this was me well and truly in the bad books!
Thanks to hubby, I redeemed myself by telling him we would have yet another movie night and treats.
Thankfully this worked. We did find the card when we got home which is now safely in my purse so that we have it for another promised visit next weekend.

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