Saturday, 17 August 2013

Jam Packed Day Ahead!

Wow what a busy day ahead we have got!
As usual we are starting the day off with Joseph's swimming lesson. So I am enjoying the time out before the madness of this afternoon descends upon us!
Today is the annual village field day which we will be going to. The one thing I really do appreciate about living in a village is the community spirit. Everybody knows each other and the children look out for each other. In the village school there is under 50 children so it is a very close knit school. When I was growing up we lived in Suffolk. I remember when I moved "up north" finding it so bizarre that people I didn't know would say hello and great you in the street. After spending so long moving about abroad it is a good feeling to be settled somewhere. I really cannot imagine us leaving the village where we live. It is a so peaceful and we feel extremely lucky when we sit and look out of our window to fields.
We also ot an invitation to a BBQ this afternoon. It seems everything has come at once and on the same day. So we will be dashing all over!
The invitation came from my boss when I worked before having the twins. I am really excited about seeing all of my old work colleagues, albeit a little nervous too! Not sure why, these have been some of my closest friends and were present at our wedding and were with me on my pregnancy journey. Since having the twins I have not been out socializing and have just preferred a quiet home life. But as soon as I got this invitation I knew that this was one I would regret missing if I did not go.
We are all going as a family which I am pleased about. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been out on my own since the twins arrived. We prefer to do things as a family and not as individuals. We have said that we will only go for an hour to see everyone as we need to keep the twins routine but Joseph has also got a tea party to go to this evening and we have my parents coming down for our customary Saturday night meal, drinks and a film.
So today is going to be jam packed. First things first, the boys have got a football match to watch on tv. After full time we will be on the go!

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