Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I Cannot Get Sick!

Oh no!
As the afternoon has gone on I have been gradually going down hill. My head has been feeling so heavy and has felt like pressure is building up.
Hubby has not been feeling good all week so I am hoping and praying that I have not caught what he has got.
Gone are the days when if I wasn't very well I could curl up in bed and recuperate. If I get sick now I will still have to soldier on and take care of the kids and home.
I am hoping that my head is feeling like this because I need my new glasses. But that doesn't explain why my neck aches.
Here is my plan of action to zap any bug that is trying to get me:
* Vitamin c tablets
* Plenty of fruit and vegetables
* Fresh fruit juice
* Paracetamol
* Plus a wee dram of whisky for bed!
I cannot get sick and I will not get sick!!!!

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