Saturday, 3 August 2013

Girls and Boys - Noticing the Differences

One of the things I love about having boy/girl twins is watching how differently they are developing. When you sit and watch them you can certainly see the differences.
But is it simply down to their gender?
Many seem to think that this is the case.
Isabella is very attentive, she thinks about things and talks no end. I am going to, when I get chance, write down all of the words that she does know. She is 17 months but knows so many words! Isabella is quite independent too. Already, when she doesn't get whats, she wants she screams and stamps her feet! I can see that we are going to have a little diva on our hands!
Whereas Taylor is a lot more physical. Taylor has led the way with the climbing, crawling and walked first. He has no fear! He also happily sits and plays with cars or trains. He doesn't say much bless him, but Joseph didn't either at his age. Taylor is a lot calmer and chilled.
Taylor is certainly more of a mummys boy but Isabella is definitely a daddys girl.
So is this is all down to their gender?
Part of me thinks that it is, but I also believe that a lot is down to each individual child regardless of their gender.
It is the same with gender specific toys.
We have "girls" toys, "boys" toys and "unisex" toys.
We do have a pink Minnie Mouse tub and a blue Mickey Mouse tub but toys are not separated. They both play with all of the toys. Isabella often sits with the cars or trains and Taylor often sits and plays with the tea pot. They do not differentiate between the two. This makes me wonder if the gender specific toys are for the parents to specify what their children "should" be playing with according to society. Whereas children do not see a toy, at this age, and think "I cannot play with that, it is for a girl/boy" a toy is a toy and it is a way for them to discover the world around them.
It is going to be so interesting to watch how the twins continue to develop and change. The one thing I have learnt is to not compare them to each other. Each child is going to develop in their own time at their own level.
All 3 of our children are different and have their own individual personalities. It is our job to help them grow into polite, respectful but most importantly happy, contented people. This is, undeniably, the most rewarding job in the world and the one that I am most proud of!

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