Friday, 16 August 2013

Family Friday

Today did not go as planned but has still been a good, quality, family day.
We went over to see my nanna and grandad. Unfortunately it was not a good morning for my grandad so lunch was called off. However we did spend a lovely couple of hours with them. I love seeing their faces when they are with the children. You can see in their eyes how much they mean to them and how much having that time with them means.
After our visit we went to collect my new glasses, which I love! When I first put them on it was like putting on a pair of beer goggles! The floor moved as I looked up and down much I felt quite dizzy. After wearing them for a couple of hours the difference in my vision is evident. How did I cope not wearing glasses? I think that I just go t used to my level of vision and got used to seeing things as I was. It is only when you see things better you realise how bad it was.
We took the children for their first walk around a shop. We had never taken them out without the pushchair, but today we were feeling brave. We took them for a walk around Toys R Us. They went mad when they saw the toys! Everything that had Minnie Mouse on Isabella immediately went to and the same for Taylor with Thomas the Tank.
All we heard from Isabella was
"Minnie, Minnie"
"Peppa, Peppa" (Peppa Pig)
"Yo, Ho, Ho" (Jake & the Neverland Pirates)
"Stuffin, Stuffin" (Doc McStuffins)
She did not know where to go to first.
Whereas Taylor knew exactly what he wanted to see. Thomas the Tank and he told us
"Choo, Choo"
In fact he did not want to leave. When hubby told him we were going he plonked his bum on the floor in protest and wouldn't walk. He was with Thomas toys galore!
We had a great day, spending time together as a family, enjoying being the five of us together.
Once the children were in bed it was time for date night. Movie, snacks and a bottle of wine.
What a perfect end to a quality family day.

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