Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Horribly Expensive Day

I knew I'd be spending money today. But I didn't realise how much.
After going through all of the routine checks at the opticians I was told that my eye sight, particularly my left eye, had deteriorated. I knew that it had got worse but I was not aware of the extent. I was told to cover my right eye and just use my left to read the letters and I was shocked to see, or should I say, to not see, that I could not read a single letter! Thanks to the extent of the muscle deterioration I need a completely different prism in my lens. As he is telling me all of this all I could think was
"Oh no, this is going to be expensive!"
I ridiculously asked him,
"What causes this, what can I do to help it?"
He asked me if I get tired a lot. I could not help but laugh at this question! I nearly replied
"Errrmm of course I get tired, I have twins!!!!!"
But settled with
"Yes, quite a bit"
So basically I need to be less tired, if only it was that simple.
I chose my new frames, ordered my lenses and left feeling quite depressed. So much for leaving with a bargain!
This afternoon we continued with the check ups and visited the dentist. Today was the twins first visit. We really were not sure how they would react to someone who they have never met before trying to look at their lovely little teeth. But they did really well. We were told that they are both a bit behind with their teeth but with them being 5 weeks premature its to be expected but they'll catch up. As per usual Joseph had a clean bill of health. I just wish I had!
My check up resulted in a £50 bill for work that needs doing! I couldn't believe how much it was going to cost. If it had been on a different day I may have reacted differently but after this mornings sting on the credit card for my glasses I was not expecting any more. There I am stressing and my hubby, who is the calming element in our relationship, just tells me to not worry he has it sorted! He just knows how to calm me down and takes the weight off my shoulders. I'd be a wreck without him and feel truly blessed to have him by my side.
Here's hoping we have a good night tonight as hubby is back to work and I have got lots of baking to do in the morning!

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