Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Delicious Meal When The Cupboards Are Bare

This evening I have had to put a bit of extra thought into our dinner.
Our weekly shopping isn't delivered until tomorrow and I am pleased to say, that for once, I have used up what I bought last week.
But that did leave me a bit stuck as to what to cook for tea. I took some mince beef out of the freezer this morning and hoped for the best!
We had no potatoes or rice. We had pasta, but I did pasta last night, so wasn't going to cook it again tonight.
After looking in the cupboard, for what seemed like an eternity, I had an idea!
I had minced beef, spices, an onion, yellow pepper, a tin of chopped tomatoes, plain flour, a little bit of rice and the end piece of a block of cheese..........
Mexican chilli beef wraps with a side portion of rice!!!
I cooked the chilli and made some tortilla dough.
Tortilla dough is so simple and quick. All I needed was:
250g of plain flour
5g salt
150ml water
I mixed it up and gave it a quick knead. Once the dough had come together I separated the dough into about 6 pieces and rolled them out. They only needed a couple of minutes on each side in a hot frying pan and they were done.
Easy and quick!
I feel so much more pride and satisfaction in a meal that I have really had to think about. This certainly was a delicious meal made from the odd bits that were left in my cupboard and fridge mixed with some of my cupboard essentials and some imagination. I am sure that this will be a meal that I will be cooking again!

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