Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Day of Ups and Downs

Today started so well!
We were woken up by hubby's alarm clock and not the twins!
Yes, you have read that right, the twins actually slept until 6:55am!
We all had a lie in and it was divine. Just having an extra hours sleep was pure bliss. Fingers crossed as the sunrise gets later we will have more lie ins to come.
This morning was the twins bath morning. Whoever baths the twins normally ends up just as wet as they are. This morning was no exception. They certainly lived up to their expectation. Now that they are bigger I am able to bath them together which not only saves me time but they thoroughly enjoy competing to see who can splash the most.
This morning I could literally wring out my top! Isabella, as normal, started the splashing off. The more she splashed the more Taylor giggled and the more he splashed. Which resulted in lots of giggles and a soaked mummy and Joseph. Not to mention a dripping door and a puddle on the floor. For me, bath time is also a time that we can spend quality time together with no interruptions from the television.
After bath time it was was time to visit our chickens or "bock bocks" as Isabella calls them after the noise they make. She is just adorable, as we walk down the garden she knows where we are going and says "bock bocks" all the way until we get there.
All in all, we had a lovely morning, but this afternoon's appointment was looming!
Today I had to return to the dreaded dentist. After my check up last week I was told I needed work doing and today was the day it was being done.
It is just sods law, the first check up after my maternity exemption expires and I need to pay, work needs to be done.
I am a complete wimp when it comes to dental work. Especially if I need to have an injection.
I felt physically sick while I sat waiting to be called. Then I heard my name. I made my way up the stairs to the room where I was going to face one of my fears. As I sat in the chair waiting for the dreaded anaesthetic injection I was close to tears I am surprised I managed to keep it together. But I did, I kept my tears in. Just!
When I left the dentist, with my mouth still numb, I went to find my mum and the kids in the park. I got questions from Joseph about what was wrong, what I'd had done, why my mouth looked funny and so on. I've got to admit I did enjoy being able to say
"This is what happens if you do not look after your teeth"
All of the stress from this afternoon left me with not just a sore mouth, but a banging headache, which does not go well with toddler twins.
Thankfully after a couple of pain killers, a relaxed bedtime with the twins and some tv time with hubby my head is getting better and the day is finishing well.

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