Thursday, 18 July 2013

What a Long Night & Busy Morning

Oh what a night we've just had, I must have known! At the end of last nights post I said "I hope they don't give us hell tonight". They didn't give us hell but she did bless her.
Isabella woke up at 11:45pm and that was it up and down all night with a temperature. She wouldn't settle in her cot so she spent the night in our bed. As hubby has to go to work today I told him to go and get some sleep downstairs. So it was me and little lady. She did manage to get to sleep, I on the other hand, kept waking to check on her so am feeling it today. Since having the twins I have become used to sleep deprivation.
Then it was up bright and early to sort the kiddies and ice some ice cream cone cakes for Joseph to take to school. I have got to say I am feeling quite proud of the end result :-)

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