Monday, 8 July 2013

The Twins Sleep In - its a miracle!!!

Wow what a hot weekend we have had!
Joseph has loved the weather and has enjoyed a spot of sunbathing, running underneath the sprinkler and playing on his new swing, what a hard life these kids have!
The twins have not enjoyed feeling so hot. The heat has resulted in a very grumpy Taylor thankfully Isabella has been her usual funny self and making us all laugh.
However, on the plus side, the twins have amazed us by actually sleeping really well in the heat. This morning we were astounded to see that when we woke up it was nearly 7 o'clock. Believe me there are have not been many mornings in the last 16 months that this has happened.
We heard Isabella playing in her cot at 6:45 but not a peep from our usual early bird Taylor. Bless him he was flat out until I woke him at 7!
So this morning I have twins that are full of energy and running around the lounge squealing at each other.
That has to be one of my favourite sounds!

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