Friday, 19 July 2013

The Cost of Childcare

Well only 2 more school days left for Joseph and then it is the long summer holidays. This year I am so thankful that we do not need to worry about childcare.
When I was working, before I had the twins, I would spend weeks trying to organise childcare and annual leave.
During my pregnancy I had every intention of returning to work, however after the twins were born I felt very differently. The cost of childcare certainly had a lot to do with our decision for me to not return to work.
When we worked out what our daily costs for childcare would be we were gob smacked that it would be £75 per day for all 3 children and would rise to a massive £106 per day in the school holidays. I earned no where near this amount, so childcare alone would have taken all of my salary plus some of my hubbys. All in all it was a no brainer, being a stay at home mum and housewife would be more cost effective for us.
We will, no doubt, be faced with this problem again in the future if I decide that I would like to return to work.
I do still have aspirations and hopes in life however if they are still for a career is another matter entirely. I do have my little dreams that I hope to make a reality one day and have had ideas to start a business from home that I can work around my family once the twins are bigger. For now my mission in life is to be the best mummy I can be and to concentrate on raising our children and looking after our home.
After all home certainly is where the heart is.

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