Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sunny Saturday

How I love days like Saturday. It was sunny, hot and we were all at home just enjoying the day.
As it was Saturday, Joseph had his swimming lesson and I had half an hour with my book. Then it was home to enjoy the day as a family.
I did get the paddling pool out for the twins but they weren't sure as the water was cold, on hindsight I should have filled it up first thing in the morning to give it chance to heat up. Next time I will be out as soon as we're up! So it was another afternoon inside with the twins keeping them where it was cool.
However when hubby had finished his garden jobs and returned in I took the opportunity to enjoy the sun and pottered about in the garden for a while. However I didn't really have my practical head on when I went out, I had my "oooh its sunny, lets put on a dress" head on which wasn't great for weeding in. All of my kneeling and crawling about resulted in a lovel, tidy front garden and an unfixably ripped dress.
On the bright side though I did get to socialize with the blazing sun.
We finished our lovely day with a Chinese meal, thanks to mum and dad, a coupe of drinks and a movie!
Fab family days like this are what make happy memories :-)

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