Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer Holiday Challenge

So we are nearly at the end of the first week of the long summer holidays.
I will admit keeping 3 children occupied is a challenge particularly now the twins have discovered their talent for climbing. When they are not in their chairs I need eyes in the back of my head. They have absolutely no sense of fear but mine has doubled! The barricade that I made to protect the television has become a climbing frame in their minds. As soon as they see the coast is clear they are up. I feel that I am constantly saying "Isabella, get down, Taylor, get down". Taylor, most times, does get down but Isabella is developing quite a defiant personality. She just looks at us as if to say "and what are you gonna do about it?" so I can see little miss becoming a hand full!
Even though I am running ragged after the kids there are moments that just make me beam. We had one of those moments today.
I dared to go to tesco this morning for some bargain bubble bath that I saw on offer yesterday and we decided to try the scan as you shop gadget to save a bit of time. We were also in tesco yesterday and I left swearing that we would not go again! But the offer was too good to miss, so back we went. I let Joseph control the scanner and it worked a treat. It kept him busy and happy. But what I wasn't expecting was the twins reaction to a simple beep. They were in hysterics. Every time Joseph scanned an item and the machine beeped, they were in fits of giggles. People were stopping in the aisle watching them they were chuckling so loud. This time, our trip to the shops, was fun.
On the way home Taylor had fallen asleep and Isabella was just starting to fall asleep. If Taylor falls asleep I can easily get him into the pushchair asleep, but Isabella is a different matter so I try to keep her awake. Singing "Old MacDonald" is always a winner. So I got Joseph to sing to her. Half way through he shouts "come on mum, help me out!" this made me smile so much, how could I refuse? So we sang all the way home with Isabella joining in on the "ee i ee i o" part and Taylor slept through it all.

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