Saturday, 6 July 2013

Summer has arrived!

Well it looks like summer has finally arrived and hopefully is here to stay for a bit.
I love the heat and the sun. I think this is because I lived in Gran Canaria for 7 years and became climatised to the heat, I used to get my coat out whenever it went below 20 degrees! So as you can imagine returning to England certainly was a shock to the system and I definitely went into heat withdrawal. My heating bills were ridiculously high!
So when the heat does decide to grace us with its presence I like to make the most of it. However this year the twins have other ideas. Taylor in particular, who has been such a little grump today because he is so hot. So here I am inside with the fan blowing while everyone else is outside loving the sunshine. Isabella on the other hand is sat in the pushchair quite happy watching hubby put up another bigger greenhouse. As for Joseph he is in his element as hubby put his new swing up yesterday so all he has done is play outside.
Tomorrow we will be investing in a paddling pool so the twins can cool down outside and I can have a reunion with the sun.

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