Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Our Little Bookworm

I have struggled for a few years to get Joseph interested in reading. It is something that he found difficult at school. But it seems that this academic year something has clicked! I have always loved reading and feel lucky that I feel like this. I believe that reading is an amazing way to transport you into a different world. I cherish the moments that I get now to escape into a book with our hectic lives. I have always encouraged Joseph to read and at last my encouragement has paid off. Joseph has really started to enjoy reading and this fills my heart with joy. Today Joseph has got a new book from school and for the first time he walked out of school reading. When I said hello he actually said to me "one minute" so he could finish his page. In any other circumstance I would not have been happy that he told me to wait but this time when he said it I could feel myself beam with pride. We have walked home today with Joseph having his nose in his book. This has made me so happy I just had to get a pic and write about it. Keep up the great work Jos :-) x

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