Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Manic Monday

Manic Monday seems a fitting title  to describe our day yesterday.
The day started really well. I got so many jobs done. By 9:30 the kids were all bathed or showered, dishwasher and washing machine were on, we'd does the school run, cleaned and fed the chickens and watered the vegetables. I was on a roll!
But them the whirlwind that is Taylor struck! Arrr, he suddenly remembered he knew how to climb! He was on everything! The more he climbed the more fun it became and the more I took him down the more he chuckled! The more he chuckled the more intrigued Isabella became in what he was doing and before I knew it she too was attempting to climb. Thankfully, yesterday, she only got as far as one leg up, got bored of trying, and found a pair of shorts to put on as a hat!
The day flew by in a haze of running around after the twins yesterday and before we knew it bed time had arrived. Time for a break and spend some much needed time out with hubby.
Taylor after all of his climbing expeditions was out like a light but Isabella didn't have such a good evening and had tummy ache. This meant if it wasn't me with her it was hubby as all she wanted was to be close. In the end, at our bedtime, hubby managed to get her into her cot, at last we had a break, but sleep beckoned so that was our time gone. Luckily we don't have as many evenings like this as we used to and have got to the point where the children go to bed really well and we get some time together.

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