Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Joseph's Well Done Dinner

As a treat I told Joseph that he can decide what we have for our tea as a well done for his fab school report. Many would think that I was being very brave, but luckily Joseph has got good taste in food and wouldn't ask for anything too bazar!
So tonight Joseph has decided that we are having hot dogs, potatoes and beans (salad for me and hubby). So I've been busy this afternoon making dough for some freshly made hot dog rolls and have baked a cake, on hubby's request! The apple crumble cake that I baked for his birthday was such a hit as soon as it had all gone he was asking me to bake another.
I am an avid cook and baker and for me it is a massive compliment seeing people enjoy what I have made. So when hubby asked me to bake another I keenly agreed but have changed it slightly. This time he has an apple, pear and sultana crumble cake. This one looks even more yummy! But we'll see what his verdict is :-)

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