Thursday, 25 July 2013

Joseph's Hug Box

As soon as I knew that Joseph was getting recognition from his school for all of his hard work I immediately knew what I wanted to get him as a well done treat.
A Hug Box!
I recently came across Hug Box through a Twitter competition and instantly became a fan! This is a fantastic gift for any sweet lover. As all 8 year olds, Joseph loves having sweets as a treat, so I thought a Hug Box would be perfect so I got one ordered.
I rang Wendy, Hug Box owner, as I had a few questions regarding delivery and ordering. Wendy was so friendly and helpful, it was a pleasure to speak to her. The Hug Box certainly does have a personal feel about it which makes it all the more special.
The box arrived very quickly and Joseph's face was a picture when he realised that the box was jam packed with sweets. The deeper he dug, the more he found, the bigger his grin got! We had about half an hour of him saying:
"oooh look at this"
"look what I've got"
"can I have this please?"
We gave Joseph a Hug Box and in return he gave both of us the biggest hugs we have had in a while!
He wasn't too cool to give us a Hug for this treat :-)
Thank you so much Wendy for everything and I'm you'll be hearing from us again in the future. I do keep on dropping hints how I'd love a Hug Box for me!
Hug Box can be found at on Twitter and Facebook.

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