Friday, 19 July 2013

Joseph's First Disco

Oh how my boy is growing up!
Last night Joseph went to his first disco. He put on a cool front, as he always does, but I could see that he was excited.
The build up this week has made me think of when I was a child, a few years older than Joseph, and how I loved going to the local disco. Those were the days, making up dances to Kylie Minogue, Tiffany and New Kids on the Block and whether I'd have a sneaky slow dance was my only worry. Just writing this is making me smile, its probably so different for girls, but I love to think how all that Joseph does is creating a happy childhood and happy memories for him. I'll have to quiz him later to see if he had a slow dance, that is if they still do them! I feel so old and can't believe he is going to be 9 soon. He's matured so much this last year and I am so very proud of him.
I picked up a very happy, excited boy from the disco. He had such a good time and thoroughly enjoyed himself. I couldn't resist asking him if they played any slow songs to which he briskly answered in a 'don't be silly mum' kind of voice "noooo, just fast songs" and he went on to tell me what songs they danced to and how much fun he had. This is just the start of my Joseph growing up and experiencing more in life, he has got so many exciting times to come on his adventure which is life.

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