Sunday, 14 July 2013

I Need Eyes In The Back Of My Head

On Sunday Taylor discovered a talent for climbing! Once he found that he could climb onto a leather chair in the lounge there was no stopping him. He progressed from the chair to toys, to using toys to try a climb on the tv table, to climbing onto the chair and trying to climb up the back cushion to look out of the window!
It was as if something had clicked and he suddenly realised that this was an exciting new game that made mummy run around like a headless chicken. The scary part was I could see Isabella watching and taking notes on how to copy her brother. One climbing is manic but what about if I have two climbing?!?!?
Please Isabella, hear my plea, please stay on terra firma and don't copy Taylor.
Gone are the days when I could sit them down, do some jobs, come back and they'd still be sat waiting.
However in all honesty I love watching how they are developing and especially both in different areas. Taylor is the physical one, whereas Isabella thinks more and jibber jabbers away non stop.
All 3 of them are my treasures and I constantly look at them in awe. My family is my world!

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