Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How I've Changed

Its is just gone 6am. I am sat downstairs with a coffee and Taylor has got his morning milk. Once upon a time I would have been mortified if you told me I would be up and about at this time.
Since having the twins, I feel that I have changed in so many ways.
Before they arrived I was very career minded and wanted to progress within the organisation that I worked for. Even during my twin pregnancy I was convinced that by 6 months off I'd be itching to get back, that's how much I loved my job.
However once they did arrived everything changed. Work never entered my mind and as my maternity leave flew by I felt my stomach tie up in knots whenever I thought about leaving my children. It wasn't just being with the twins that changed my outlook, but spending time with Joseph also made me realise what I was missing.
When Joseph was nearly 3 I started my job and was lucky that there was a nursery on site so I never felt far away from him until he started school. The place that I worked was 20 minutes away from the village that we live in so I relied heavily on a childminder. I'd drop him off just after 8 in the morning and most days I wouldn't collect him until 6pm. During my maternity leave I got to do the school run, which I had never had chance to do unless I had a day off. For me, I find this walk to and from school, a lovely time of day and feel lucky to be able to do this now after not being able to for so long.
Hubby has also had a huge part in my changes. He has given me the security and contentment that I longed for.
When we moved into our house last year we all settled straight in, this was meant to be our family home, the place that we will raise our children and grow old together. With the house another unexpected change happened within me, not only did I want to be a stay at home mum but I also wanted to be a 'housewife'. I had never been one that stayed at home before but I was starting to thrive on being at home and taking care of our family and home.
I can honestly say, hand on heart, I do not miss my job and feel so lucky that I am able to be at home with the children. I may feel differently in a couple of years but we'll deal with it if that time comes but until then I'll enjoy watching our children grow and caring for our home.

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