Monday, 29 July 2013

Garden & Kitchen Time

This morning we spent some peaceful time in the garden. We cleaned out and fed the chickens and checked on our vegetables. I was over the moon with today harvest. With help from Joseph we got potatoes, courgettes, carrots and a swede.

I knew that we would get a delicious meal tonight with this! Next it was onto kitchen time. I have noticed that the twins are wanting to become more and more independent when it comes to meal times. So I have been thinking of new "finger foods" for them apart from the obvious sandwich. Today homemade pizza fingers were on the menu. Once my homemade dough was ready I topped the pizza with tomato, cheese, tuna, mushrooms and homegrown courgettes. This was a hit with not only the twins but also with Joseph and the hubby for his lunch tomorrow. For me one of the most satisfying feelings I get in the kitchen is when I mix up flour, salt, yeast, oil and water and after mixing, kneading, proving, kneading, proving again and baking, you get bread. I love the feeling of the dough coming together in my hands and find it really quite therapeutic. This morning I thoroughly enjoyed making the pizza base and enjoyed the time away from my worries.

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