Thursday, 11 July 2013

Fresh Vegetables & Eggs

One of the things that appealed to us when we bought our house last year was the garden. We are extremely lucky to have a big, long garden. I am also extremely lucky to have a fantastic hubby who loves gardening :-)
We have always wanted to grow as many vegetables as we could and have them growing throughout the year. It would be amazing to become more self sufficient with our vegetables.
As soon as our long, terribly cold winter decided it was time to go and let spring time come hubby started making plans for the end of our garden and I started thinking about chickens.
With the continuous increase in food prices I am all for saving money in anyway that we can. I have also become a lot more aware of where our food is coming from. For me it is essential that I prepare meals using the maximum amount of fresh produce that I can. I am not a fan of processed food and am very wary as the majority of the ingredients are additives and preservatives. I want our children to grow up happy and healthy and to appreciate where their food comes from ie not from a tin!
In the end hubby gave in and let me get the chickens. He even built a big run for them. In April we got our 2 birds and from the day we got them we have enjoyed 2 eggs a day and regularly get huge double yolk eggs! Looking after the chickens has become part of our daily routine and the twins enjoy going down the garden to see the chickens, or "bock bocks" as Isabella calls them. I enjoy keeping the chickens so much more than I thought I would. They certainly are little characters.
While I am down the garden in the morning I enjoy seeing how our vegetables are getting on. Thanks to hubby's hard work we currently have potatoes, carrots, kohl rabi, broccoli, leeks, turnips, sprouts and courgettes growing. Our potatoes are just flowering so they will be ready soon. Down with the house we have a couple of greenhouses where we have got 6 different varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers growing. Hubby has also built me a couple of raised beds for my herb and salad garden.  I get great pleasure and satisfaction from being able to just pop outside and cut off whichever herbs I need to the meal I am cooking. We have recently been enjoying a good harvest of strawberries which we want to increase next year.
Not bad to say we only moved in 7 and a half months ago! I am so looking forward to seeing how our garden grows in the future :-)

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  1. That is an amazing garden! This is our first year of doing our garden so I love to see how others are doing. Looking forward to see the fruits of you labor!


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