Thursday, 11 July 2013

Fresh, Organic Air Fresher

This year we have planted so many Sweet Peas. They really are beautiful little flowers with a fragrant aroma.
What I did not realise was that the more you cut the flowers, the more you get and was mortified when hubby told me to cut the flowers.
As soon as the sun graced us with its presence they bloomed, it was a much awaited sight to see some colour in the garden. But I did as the hubby said, I got out my scissors and went cutting, the first time I did it was begrudgingly I must admit. I took them in and put them in a glass of water in the lounge. Over the course of the day I was amazed at the beautiful aroma that they gave the room and I soon had the idea of using the abundance of flowers that we are getting and putting them in various rooms around the house and using them as fresh, organic, chemical free air freshners.
I will definitely be suggesting we grow more again next year.

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  1. Nature has blessed us with so much including flowers. But instead, businesses would rather poke around with chemicals, trying to imitate nature. I would so much prefer this; and it's free!


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