Friday, 26 July 2013

Family Values

I am a firm believer in having a good routine.
I truly believe that having a good routine in place gives a good foundation for children and it gives them structure in life.
I simply cannot understand how parents function without one. For example, bedtimes, our children have their set bedtimes. We take the twins up to bed at around 6:30 they have their milk upstairs and then its sleep. Joseph goes up on a school night at 8 and can read or draw until 8:30. At the moment, as it is the school holidays, he is going up between 8 and 8:30 and can read or draw until 9. As a family we need that structure as me and the hubby get some time together. I believe that when you have children, with all the focus on them, you can sometimes forget to make time for each other. This is the one thing that we do not want to do so having the children in a routine allows us to have this time together.
Sometimes I honestly believe that some people want to have children but still live a "childless" life ie doing what they want without thinking about supervision and stability for their children. It is sad that this is the sort of world that we live in.
We, as a couple, have what might be seen as old fashioned family values and I am so proud of this. We believe that children should be children. Once you have children your life revolves around what is best for our children and family. What we want comes second to what the children need. Most importantly we want our children to grow up happy, knowing right from wrong and with respect for others.
Its just a shame others don't feel that way.
Rant over x

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