Monday, 8 July 2013

Exceptionally Proud Mummy

Today my 8 year old Joseph has brought home an excellent school report. I am so proud of all of his achievements but was particularly proud of the comments about his confidence growing. Joseph as always been a confident boy at home but has always been very quiet and reserved when in other environments. I could never believe it when other parents would comment on how quiet he was because that certainly isn't the boy that's noisy, outgoing and outspoken at home! I know that in time he will grow in confidence and I have seen him grow but it is always reassuring to read that others are noticing. Joseph really excels in maths and this has always been his strong subject and he had been graded the level that's expected in the yeah above! Got a little brain box here :-) *proud mummy smile* So we'll continue the hard work and I promise that I will support always you Joseph x

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  1. WTG Joseph!! Definitely something to be proud of :)


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