Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Proud to be British

I just had to blog about what everyone is talking about, the Royal baby! I have found the arrival of the baby Prince quite emotional and I'll admit to crying a couple of times. But I am an extremely emotional person and can cry at Britains got Talent that's how bad I can be! I have never been a very patriotic person. I lived abroad for 7 years and certainly engrossed myself in the Spanish lifestyle. However last years events restored my pride in Britain. I felt enormous pride during the jubilee celebrations and the London Olympics and this feeling has stayed. I now consider myself to be a patriotic person who is extremely proud of my country. I feel that in the hard times that our country is in, news like this, gives the country as a whole a much needed lift. The new Prince, will one day, be the King of our country. We may not see that day but our children and grandchildren certainly will. Whether you are a Royalist or not, it is heart warming to see a happy couple with their newborn baby. There is no denying that. So congratulations to the happy family and enjoy every precious second x

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