Friday, 12 July 2013

Banning Packed Lunches? Ridiculous!

I'm sure I am not going to be the only parent that will be having a rant about this today!
It has been on the news this morning that the government are "encouraging" head teachers to ban packed lunches in school because they are not healthy enough!
I would challenge anyone that tells me that my son's packed lunch is not healthy. Everyday Joseph takes to school a sandwich, which is always made with homemade bread, that's filled with either a "no added water" meat or cheese, if he doesn't have a sandwich he sometimes takes a pasta salad or a green salad. He has a piece of fruit, sometimes 2 different pieces, a fromage frais yogurt and yes he does have the dreaded confectionary that they are complaining about, he has a small packet of crisps. In this lunch Joseph is getting is carbs, calcium, protein and fruit! What is unhealthy about this lunch. He also takes a drink of diluted squash.
With the school dinners at our small village school, that does not have a kitchen, the meals are cooked at a nearby school and brought to the school for lunch time. The school menu does say that some of the meals are made with local produce and Joseph has had them in the past and enjoyed them but this was out of choice and not because we were told we had to.
One of the reasons that we stopped Joseph being on school dinners was because of the financial side of it. It was costing us £10.50 a week, that's £409.50 per academic year, then when the twins start school it would go up to £1,228.50 per academic year just for school dinners?!?!?
In the current financial climate that we are in it is completely unacceptable for the government to honestly believe that parents would be happy with this.
I for one will not be told how I need to feed my children by the government, I know my children and I am a responsible parent who knows how to feed my children healthily!

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