Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Successful Cake

This afternoon I have tried a new cake recipe. As I am all for using home grown fruit, vegetables and herbs I am constantly putting on my thinking cap and trying to come up with new ways to use what is in our garden. At the beginning of spring we planted some lavender which is starting to flower. When hubby told me that we should trim the lavender to promote growth I got thinking and thought of a way to use some of the fragrant lavender instead of just throwing it in the compost. I would use it in a cake!
So I found a recipe for a lemon and lavender cake and with a few Kirsty adjustments I came up with a lemon drizzle cake with lavender.
Baking this cake I really was not sure how this cake would taste as this is the first time that I have used lavender in baking. But I have got to admit that this has to be up there with my best cakes. It was so moist with the added lemon juice and whenever you had a bite with some lavender in you got a fragrant after taste. Everybody had seconds and some even had thirds (hubby and my dad) so for me that says it all.
This will definitely be a cake that I will be making again.

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