Monday, 22 July 2013

2 More Days Left at School

This is yet another early morning post. I have got to admit that I do actually like this time of day. Taylor is sat enjoying his milk and watching tv whilst I sit here with a coffee. It is a peaceful time of day, believe me with twins they are few and far between.
Joseph has only got 2 more days left at school, then that's another year done. Year 3 completed!
Today is the schools leavers service. I have never been to one as I've never really had a reason to go as he's not leaving yet. However, today, we are going. James is finishing work early so we can go as a family as this leavers does involve Joseph. But I am not saying any more, that's a post all of its own!!! (excited mummy!!!)
As of Wednesday I'll have an extra one to amuse. I am just hoping and praying that, this year, the weather stays nice. Last year we had a terrible summer and I heard the words "Im bored" way too much.
This summer the twins are bigger so I am hoping we'll be able to do more during the summer, weather permitting. Last year the twins were only 5 months at the beginning of the holidays. I was still breastfeeding/expressing. My days were filled with feeding them both and expressing milk so we were more tied to being at home. This year we have the freedom to do more. I need to sit and have a good think about days out with are not going to break the bank, trips to parks and getting a season ticket for our local house and gardens are at the top of the list. We have also got an annual pass for historic sites so I am going to see what is close by for days out when James has some time off.
During the school holidays, particularly the summer holiday, is when my juggling skills really are tested, we'll see if I am so calm in a few weeks or if I am pulling my hair out!

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