Tuesday, 13 February 2018

#CookBlogShare 2018 Week 7 - Plus 4 Sweet Treats for Shrove Tuesday

Hello lovely foodies and welcome to week 7 of #CookBlogShare!

How are you all? It has been a manic few weeks at work but thankfully it is half term which gives us all a bit of much needed time out!

Not only is it half term this week, but there are also not one, not two but three opportunities to have a foodie celebration. Today is Shrove Tuesday where we all enjoy pancakes, followed by Valentine's Day tomorrow and finally the week ends with the Chinese new year! What a week of foodie treats.

Last week Eb from Easy Peasy Foodie shared 4 romantic recipes so I thought that I would follow that with four deliciously sweet treats for pancake day. But I know that not everyone likes pancakes so I have chosen two pancake recipes and two sweet treats that, in my opinion, would be just as good!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Weekly Meal Plan - #MealPlanningMonday 2018 Week 7

Hooray! It is half term! We have a full week off and a busy week planned!

Next week the Twinnies turn 6 so as half term is a week earlier than usual we are having a birthday party before the big day. One of our favourite local places to visit has to be Pink Pig Farm so it was top of the twins list for a party. They will be little farmers, having a ride on the tractor to see the pigs, they'll help to feed the alpacas, goats and sheep, pet the rabbits and guinea pigs before having party food. The Twinnies are so excited, as am I!

Even though it is the half term, the week is going to be busy. Today we have had hair cuts and dentist check ups, tomorrow it is the dogs turn to have their check ups then we have the Hubby at home the rest of the week. 

This weeks meal are going to be a mixture of comforting meals and easy meals. This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 12th February 2018

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Beetroot and Fennel Baked Risotto for Valentines!

We love a good risotto and when I had a lot of lovely fresh beetroot that needed using and I knew that it would make a delicious, vibrant coloured dish. When I looked in the fridge I also found a fennel bulb that needed using. Fennel and beetroot go hand in hand. The aniseed flavours from the fennel give the earthy flavours from the beetroot a fantastic lift. They really are a perfect match. Combined they create a really rich, special flavour. This meal is more time consuming but believe me it is worth the extra effort. Plus while the oven is working it's magic you can either sit back with a glass of wine or spend time with your loved one this Valentines day.

How will you be spending Valentines day this year?

A recent study was completed by Hello Fresh and they found that, like us, 70% of couples were going to stay in with a romantic, home cooked meal. They always say that the way to a mans heart is though his stomach so it is not surprising that 66% of those asked, also believe it. Also 72% said that a meal cooked by their other half was much more romantic than going out.

So, what were the most popular homemade meals for Valentines day?

One of the first meals that I cooked for the Hubby was steak and chips, so I was not surprised that steak and chips were the nations favourie Valentines meal. This was closely followed by curry and lasagne. They also asked what we the foods to turn you on and off. People voted chocolate, champagne, oysters and asparagus as turn on foods and beans, garlic bread, spicy foods and snails at turn offs. So if you are looking at cooking a romantic meal for you loved one, stay away from these!

When it comes to drinks the top romantic drinks were red wine, champagne and prosecco. But I have to admit my top drink has to be gin! If you follow these top tips you should be ok, just don't burn the food!

I have to admit that the hubby is not one for fancy foods and yes, when he saw the colour of this risotto he was shocked but I thought that the vibrant pink made this a meal that you will not forget and after tasting it, you will be making it again! This is a perfect vegetarian meal for Valentine's day!

This is what I did...

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Full of Veg Soup

I don't know about you, but whenever I have been poorly all I want to eat is soup. This has meant that I have been experimenting with new soup flavours and additions. One of my favourite soups has to be a good chicken and veg soup. It always feels like a great, uplifting bowl of goodness.

My pick me up soup last week came about after I looked in the fridge and discovered a lot of fresh vegetables that needed using up and what better way to use up a glut of vegetables than in a soup. Instead of chicken I have used turkey and have left it as a chunky, filling bowl full of health boosting vegetables. The perfect pick me up bowl!

This is what I did...

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Weekly Meal Plan - #MealPlanningMonday (on a Tuesday!)

Hello and welcome to week 6 of my weekly meal plan.

I know, today is Tuesday, but life took over. I did write my meal plan over the weekend but we had a busy weekend and I did not get round to blogging. Here I am with #MealPlanningMonday on a Tuesday.

Last weeks meal plan was a huge success. We had all but one of the meals. Our favourite by far had to be my beetroot and fennel risotto which I am planning to share the recipe because it was so good! I will also be sharing my chicken and kale pasta and my butternut squash and sweet potato soup. All in all last week was a successful week of dinners!

This week is the last week before the half term holidays and believe me we are all ready for a week off. But first we need to get through this week!

This is what we have got planned for this weeks meals...